Biography :

I was born at Toulouse, France and I'm actually living in chambly, a little town near Paris.

I 'm a Freelance artist. I realize Concept Arts, Illustrations, and Comic's Books.

I've done a lot of works until I feel ready for an artist's carrier, and began to use my art with Stywox where Iv'e done Designs and Illustrations.

After that, I've worked for Visiware from 1996 to 2000 where I've done some character designs, and a lot of background and character textures.

2001-2002 : I worked for Delphine Software, where I made Character Designs, Textures and 3D models.

2003-2004 : I worked for Quantic Dream as artist 3D for the game Indigo Prophecy.

2004 : I worked on a comics named Apostasy. with the scenarist Carmen Trefiletti.

2005-2007 : I have done character and background Designs for White Birds and Nadeo. Comics cover and Illustrations for some books and a short movie. I've also made Concept Arts for Asylum entertainment and colored Paradise a comic from Benoît Sokal and Brice Bingono.

2007-2008 : I worked on III Empires T.1, a comic written by Regis Hautiere.